I arrived at the bus station just around noon; At this point, you can’t imagine how excited I am to be joining this journey and to explore more places than I have ever taught. The places I could go and enjoy the beauty is limitless.

Soon after, I met Adib and Han at our rendezvous point which is the cafe near the bus station. I was shocked to see that they’re both with their bicycle fully loaded as the initial plan was to stay in Kotor for few more days until they finish the GeGo Live Interview.

We sat down discuss and decided that we are moving to the next city as the accommodation here is expensive and hoping to get a better one in Budva. By the time we are ready to cycle, it will caused us to cycle in the dark for an hour or two. Despite this, we decided to make a move anyway as the road traffic is almost non-existence.

Just after the bus station, the elevation went up and we’re riding in the tunnel. It was dangerous for us to cycle but we took necessary precaution to have blinkers, front light and side light to warn incoming traffic.

As soon as we descended, we made a detour to Tivat. We’re hoping to get lucky with accommodation and having our late lunch. As there aren’t any good place to stay, we continue to cycle to Budva.

As we’re about to arrive Budva, we had to pass through a steep hill. We had several hike before but I only stop and have a rest before continuing. This time however, with less energy, haven’t got used to SPD clips and really strong wind blowing from the sea towards us; I couldn’t even cycle in a straight line. The bicycle kept swaying left and right. Finally I decided to stop and push the bicycle.

All this while I was amazed by the support shown to me by Adib and Han. They kept pushing me and giving me motivation to keep on pushing myself and that there’s a silver lining at the top of the hill.

Our estimation was off by an hour due to the delay caused by me. I felt sorry for them because they had to wait for me and cycled more hours in the cold. At the same time I felt really great to have them because they both kept giving me support and the help I need.

After dinner we talk about today and I asked them “Did you regret that I have followed you?”. They both laugh hysterically and said that they are the ones who should be asking this question.

There isn’t many photo I can share as I was too tired and couldn’t be bothered to take off my glove and take a photo.

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